Nine Dragonheads Environment Arts Festival 2004
CheongJu City and the Daechang Lake Nature Reserve, South Korea, 31 March - 15 April

One bay of Daechong Lake   (Wedding parties were common here)
We stayed in the village of Munei, adjacent to this view.

Exhibition banner outside the Art Gallery

Ali Bramwell (New Zealand), 2
Alois Schild (Austria), 2
Andrzei Dudek-Durer (Poland)
Andreas Pytlik (Germany),
Athanasia Harilaos Kryiakakos (Greece),
Bill Zingaro (U.S.A.), 2
Chae, Myung-Sook (Korea),
Christophe Doucet (France), 2
Diek Grobler (South Africa),
Effie Vourie (Australia), 2
Erika Batdorf (Canada), 2
Gebhard Schatz (Austria), 2
Gu, So-Young (Korea),
Hayden Fowler (Australia), 2
Hayden Prujean (New Zealand),
Heiri Haefliger (Switzerland),
Horst Kiechle (Australia),
Jessy Rahman (Suriname / The Netherlands), 2
John Lyall (New Zealand),
Jozsef Biro (Hungary), 2
Lois (Australia),
Meredith Brice Copeland (Australia), 2
Morgan Showalter (Greece),
Muamer Cajic (Australia (Bosnia)), 2
Naomi Lamb (New Zealand),
Neil Berecry Brown (Australia),
Paul Cullen (New Zealand),
Retha Buitendach (South Africa), 2
Sandy James (Australia), 2
Shin, Yong-Gu (Korea),
Susanne Muller
Sonja van Kerkhoff (The Netherlands), 2
Ursula Stalder (Switzerland).

A number 2 indicates images of another work by that artist
around the Lake.

Everyone and some special guests, sponsors, and assistants
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Ursula Stalder (Switzerland)

Hayden Fowler (Australia)

Still from a video loop.


Diek Grobler (South Africa) with three fellow South Africans as the three main characters in the choreographic piece on dream story-telling.

Left to Right:
White: The narrator (Marie),
Red: The flamboyant mover with the broken leg (XX),
Black: the knitter with the jagged movements (Retha).

Erika Batdorf (Canada)      


On the wall is a row of small white house forms by
Muamur Cajic
(Bosnia/ Australia)

Above: Erika on the floor, Neil's cloud forms on the right also on the floor; a wire shape on the upper right wall by Alois (Austria), that resembles the contours of European countries, and on the wall on the left, a row of small white house forms by Muamur (Bosnia/Australia).

Neil Berecry Brown (Australia)

Prints of cloud images laid on the ground.

Athanasia Harilaos Kryiakakos (Greece) in a traditional Korean dress made out of paper. She is carrying a brush and a block of black ink.

Jessy Rahman
(The Netherlands),
three wood print hangings on the back wall.

Cloud images on the ground are by Neil Berecry Brown (Australia).

Morgan Showalter (Greece)

Left: Video of women smoking by Morgan.   Right: snail on floor by stairs, by Sonja.

Ali Bramwell (New Zealand)

Detail of a series of drawings.

Sonja van Kerkhoff performing Change is a Law of Nature.
On the walls behind are drawings by Ali Bramwell (left) and prints by Gebhard Schatz</b(right).

More about this performance

< More about this installation

Left to Right: Bill Zingaro (U.S.A.) (one of a series of Aluminium sculpture reliefs),
Suspended Wood and Rubber sculpture by Christophe Doucet (France)
An inland soul at sea, 19 hanging objects by Sonja van Kerkhoff (The Netherlands)

More about An inland Soul at sea

Christophe Doucet (France)

Andrzei Dudek- Durer (Poland)

Performance by
Jozsef Biro (Hungary)

with detail from a painting series by Meredith Brice Copeland (Australia) on the wall.

Repeat of his performance made at the Nine Dragonheads Festival in 1996. Here a member of the audience helped to sabotage his work by cutting his celloptape with a knife.

Detail of a painting series by Sandy James (Australia)

Retha Buitendach
(South Africa)

Gebhard Schatz (Austria)       - Fire Drawings in Myung-Sook's Studio

Chae Myung-Sook (South Korea)

Incised hand-painted paper.

Stains and paint on paper. The first circle has 9 elements, the second 19, etc...

Meredith Brice Copeland (Australia)

Hayden Fowler (Australia)

Sandy James (Australia)

Muamer Cajic (Australia)

Alois Schild (Austria)

Alois Schild (Austria)

Heiri Haefliger (Switzerland)       - Dragon Eggs

Bill Zingaro (U.S.A.)

Hayden Prujean (New Zealand)

Suzanne Muller (Switzerland)

Nylon frame-form extended out from a tree.

Suzanne Muller (Switzerland)

Performance: She run towards the goal posts, took off layers of coloured clothing, caught the ball, kicked it back to Muamur, then ran backwards to a seat.

Andreas Pytlik (Germany)       - the Green Card Project

Performance at a table on the street by Jozsef Biro.

Andreas made the most of a queue of Korean tourists waiting
for the bus to an ex-premier's estate.

Jozsef Biro (Hungary)

Jessy Rahman
(Suriname / The Netherlands)

Ali Bramwell (New Zealand)

Kelli Amanda Sharp (Australia)

A row of orange coloured coverings
over poles along a pier.

Lois (Australia)
She is talking about her sculpture of 7 slate lined mounds.

Work by Kelli Amanda Sharp is along the pier in the background.

Effie Vourie (Australia)

Shin, Yong-Gu
(South Korea)

Retha, Kelly and Sonja

Responding to the festival theme of Beautiful Garbage, Sonja went for a walk around the lake, and decided to hang 8 metres of white silk onto this 'art garbage'. The boat-form of branches is the remains of an unfinished work from a previous festival. Retha an artist from South Africa also responded to this 'leftover' by making a trail of branches that lead to the tail of one of her 'insectorphic' works beyond.

The Wedding by Sonja van Kerkhoff. I decided that my hanging or decorating was like marrying these 'remains' with the silk, and decided on a decorative association for "beauty" and hence the title: The Wedding. The decorative aspect of a marriage.

Erika Batdorf (Canada), snaking movement down and up the sand.

April 6th: Breakfast in a Korean style log cabin in the mountains.
One of the masks on the back wall.


road tolls

Sonja's c.v.

Sonja's Guided Tour
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