Nine Dragon Heads in the DMZ and Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission in 2006

Written by Ali Bramwell

Nine Dragon Heads has worked for ten years to bring artists together from many countries in Korea with an aim of creating a better understanding between each situation and between each person. The project of Nine Dragon Heads brings an understanding of the many ways to express historical reality and social truth as well as wide human existence together with Nature, through art.

The human feeling that brings each artist to work with Nine Dragons is towards understanding of each other; to create a healthier and a positive future through the international meeting of artists, to work together and to learn from one another in formulating new ecological models of relationship with peace and with nature. The kind of cultural mixture that is shown in the NNSC (Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission) is that we can regard the situation also as a unique sociological environment. The space of art is outside the activity of daily life and in this way comes close to the situation of the NNSC that exists outside the domestic situation of North or South, between people but also apart from daily life and domestic situation.

The situation of working in the demilitarised zone is very sensitive and needs a genuine understanding and a serious attitude from artists. The theme of the Nine Dragon Heads project this year is Change Concept and it brings the intention of restorative change for the future into each participating artists mind. The unique environment of the DMZ(Demilitarised Zone) where Nature has been for the last fifty years beginning its own campaign of restoration can be known as the only war nature reserve on the planet. The situation is that after half a century where people have been afraid of minefields and living separate from each other; new plant growth occurs and so rare birds and plants have a new possibility to recover from the pressure of industrial impact. The recovery of the land is an  example from nature that shows that plants and wildlife feel no hesitation from history or war and are only continuing the business of living. Perhaps something from this situation can lead us to better beginning as human beings towards a change of heart and a new concept of relationship.

The de-militarised zone is physically a break, a line that is not a border exactly but only a resting space where peace exists by agreement, Nine Dragon Heads wants the feeling of restoration and reunification between culture, and between people through the sincere communication of art.