Details of Nine Dragon Heads 2007

Theme :

Come ashore

Period :

6th ~ 16th. JUNE

Venue :

Cheongju Art Center


Sunyoudo Island. GeoJedo Island.

1. Outdoor Symposium : Come ashore

1st Phase 6th ~ 11st  Sunyoudo island ( Yellow Sea )
2nd Phase 13rd ~ 15th  Geojedo island ( South Sea )


Symposium for all artists who participating in Nine Dragon Heads 2007

Art Works

Nature Art and Environment Art are most suitable for this event.


-Artists responsible for their own installation, and can choose the working area freely.


-Natural Materials must be used, for example Soil, Wood, Branches, Stones, Grass, .etc.


If you feel you need chemical materials for your concept please discuss whether this will be acceptable


before you begin your work


Please bring your own tools, simple hardware can be purchased easily and cheaply.


Circumstance of Sunyoudo Island

Circumstance of Geojedo Island

2. Indoor-Exhibition

1st Phase 12nd ~14th  Cheongju Art Center
2nd Phase 15th ~ 24th  Geoje Art Center


12nd ~14th


12th, 17:00~


14th, 18:00~


Theme Exhibition for all artists who participating in Nine Dragon Heads 2007


Quartair Exhibition ( Curator by Jessy Rahman  )

Art Works

Visual Art ( Installation, Performance, Video Art, … )


Artists responsible for bringing suitable work and setting up their own work


also you can make an art work or installation directly in exhibition hall during period.


If you would like to work that way, please send your concept by @mail beforehand.


Cheongju Art Center Exhibition hall is 2 different hall :


Hall A :  8m high x 450m2    /  Hall B : 3 high x 450m2


Geoje Art Center Exhibition hall is ; 3.5m high x 600m2

3. Performance Art

Performance are will be divided as below

1st Phase ( indoor )

12nd ~ Cheongju Art Center

2nd Phase ( outdoor )

15th ~ Geoje Art Center


Artists who were invited for Performance and who wish to participate

Available Equipment

Audio & Sound, Beam-Projector, Light ( indoor only )

4. Conference

1st Phase 12nd ~ Cheongju Art Center
2nd Phase 15th ~ Geoje Art Center

Special talks ; Nine Dragon Heads – by Park, Byoung-Uk

Come ashore – by John Lyall

Quartair - by Jessy Rahman

and conference open to anybody who wishes to introduce their works

Available Equipment

Slide, Video Beam-Projector….internet ..etc.

5. Neo-Nomadic Party & Culture Survey

Neo-Nomadic Party is one of the concept of Nine Dragon Heads.

Each Artist brings Wine or Liqueur, Cheese, Sweet etc.

that is a speciality from their country and we will have party during on Nine Dragon Heads

Culture Survey will be held 16th ~17th
Survey for participating Artists from other countries who will gain
understanding of Korean identity from Cultural Aesthetics.

The survey will visit the Temple, Museum, Insadong, Old market….etc.


²      Breakfast : Restaurant ( Simple Western Style )

²      Lunch & Dinner : Restaurant ( Korean Style / Western Style )

* Pick-up to Arrival & Departure

Artist must be arrival on 6th. JUNE / Will be picked up by 9 Dragon Artists at Airport ( Arrangement BUS to Daejeon )

Departure are individual

Where I get a Symposium

     How to get the Nine Dragon Heads

               Please go to Bus Terminal No 9C or 9D in Incheon Airport

* You have to buy a ticket to Daejeon  

* Cost are approximately 15 Euro ( 20 US $ )

* Destination ; Airport to Daejeon 2Hour 30min

* You have to get off at Government Complex Terminal

Please print below Map

Further information can be obtained by Tel. & @mail

Tel : +82 10 3934 8888    @mail