Details of Nine Dragon Heads 2009 Island

Open Air Symposium

1st Period : 16th ~ 18th

Venue : Jeju Island

2nd Period : 19th ~ 22th

Venue : Haeundae

Jeju Island Point

Haeundae Point

Participation : For all artists who participating in Nine Dragon Heads 2009

Art Works : Artist have to bringing own TENT ( doesn’t matter size, colour, who made..)

and make an art works directly in TENT during day and can choose the working area freely.

Also location will be changing everyday. in case, artist need Quick Improvise…

TENT City ! Momad Art Installation at Marvelous Jeju Island and Comercial sophisticated beach in city

Materials :  Free

Performance Art
Period : 23th  PM 6:00~
Venue : Cheongju
Participation : Artists who were invited for Performance and who wish to participate
Available Equipment : Audio & Sound, Beam-Projector, Light

Period : 25th  PM 6:00~
Venue : Gallery Art Seoul
Artist Talk : Open to anybody who wishes to introduce their works
Available Equipment : Inter-net, Beam-Projector …etc


Neo Nomadic Party & Culture Survey
Neo-Nomadic Party is one of the concept of Nine Dragon Heads
Each Artist brings Wine or Liqueur, Cheese, Sweet etc.
that is a speciality from their country and we will have party during on Nine Dragon Heads
Culture Survey
Survey for participating Artists from other countries who will gain understanding of Korean
identity from Cultural Aesthetics. The survey will visit the Temple, Insadong, Market ..etc


Pick Up to Arrival & Departure
Artist must be arrival on until 15th . 16:00 . APRIL
( Will be picked you up at Airport )
Because flight to Jeju will be on 6PM at Kimpo Airport
( 30min from incheon Airport )
Departure are Individual



General Schedules

15th  18:05 ~Flight to Jeju Island

          19:30~Arrival at Hotel ( Room Arrangement )
16th ~ 18th  Open Air Symposium ( at Fisherman Village, CAVE, Beachs..etc )

18th  16:30 ~ Flight to BUSAN

18:00~ Arrival at Haeundae Beach ( Room Arrangement )

19th ~22nd  Open Air Symposium ( at Beach, Town, Market Street..etc )

23rd  09:00 ~ Check Out / Go to Cheongju

         12:30 ~ Arrival at Hotel ( Room Arrangement )

        18:00 ~ Performance ( at National Red Cross )

24th  10:00 ~ Check Out / Go to Seoul

          12:00 ~ Arrival at Insadong ( Room Arrangement )
25th  18:00 ~ Conference ( at Gallery Art Seoul )
26th  Individual Departure


Further information can be obtained by Tel & @mail  +82 10 3934 8888   or