Nine Dragon Heads aspires to generate positive environmental and spiritual legacies for the future. This is in a context where humankind benefits from manipulating and dominating its natural surroundings; regarding the natural environment as a target and challenge for conquest, a test of its ability to transform and possess nature.

Our desire and ingenuity to exploit and develop the natural environment through domination and control implies superiority. Reflecting on the history of the planet however, many species of all forms became extinct when the friendly environmental conditions that firstly nurtured their birth later changed and became hostile.

The question of when will humankind disappear hangs over us. No matter how 'special' we Homo Sapiens think we may be, we have to realise we are a part of the greater natural world and the product of a unique environment that supports our life.

How can we lead a life with understanding and respect for the world of nature? How can we maintain a life peacefully and fairly for the survival of mankind?

Nine Dragon Heads changes ‘I’ into ‘we’, a community of artists, who explore and re-consider the relationship and equilibrium between people and the natural environment.

Nine Dragon Heads joins with other communities to share their imagination, experience and ideas through creative art practices, to reveal and celebrate both diverse and common consciousness and to further co-operation.

Nine Dragon Heads aims to further greater understanding of human nature and the world through restorative creative action and engagement and in so doing aims to leave a healthier environment - the heritage of the future - to posterity.



Nine Dragon Heads 2014




4th~ 20th . FEB. 2014



National Theatre

Dom Mladih (Youth Center)

Collegium Artisticum

Kriterion Kino



Korean Contemporay Art Exhibition

Korean Photography Exhibition

Lim Dong-Chang & t,a

Nine Dragon Heads - Collateral Program



Organizational Boards

NDH Sarajevo


Park Byoung-Uk

Lim Dong-Chang

Pang Hyo-Sung

Moon Sang-Wook

Annelise Zwez

Bruce Allan

Gordana Andjelic Galic

Jessy Rahman

Magda Guruli

Reg Newitt

Liaison : Jeong Ji-Young

                 Park Eun-Hee


Special Guest

30th Jubilee of Sarajevo Winter Festival

President of Korea Deligation : Kang Hyoung kee

Vice President : Rym Chung yeap



Nine Dragon Heads 2014 Sarajevo

Collateral Events

Period : 7th~ 20th, FEB

Opening : 8th. 15:00

Venue : Collegium Artisticum http://www.collegium.ba/

Coordinator : Gordana Andjelic Galic, Park Byoung-Uk



1) Twist to Exist : Curator by Jessy Rahman

2) Artisterium : Curator by Magda Guruli

3) AID office of Denmark : Curator by Steen Rasmussen

4) Chinese Video Art : Curator by Reg Newitt

Difference Screen

Period : 9th~ 10th, FEB

Venue : Kriterion Kino http://www.kriterion.ba/

Coordinator : Park Byoung Uk

Co-Curators : Bruce Allan . Ben Estop


Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition

Period : 7th~ 11th, FEB

Opening :15:00. 8th. FEB

Venue : Collegium Artisticum http://www.collegium.ba/

Curator : Pang Hyo-Sung

Liaison : Kim Hyo-Sil

Participation : Heo Eun Young, Kwon Sun Young, Song Cha Young, Shin Yoo La, Lee Young Mi

Lee Hong Jeon, Pang Hyo Sung, Kim Yong-Wook , Lee Seung Taek, Park Byoung UK


Artists responsible for bringing suitable works ( Installation, Objects, Video ..etc) and setting up their own

works . also Artist can make an art work or installation directly in exhibition hall during period


Korean Photography Exhibition

Period : 7th~ 11th, FEB

Opening :15:00. 8th. FEB

Venue : Collegium Artisticum http://www.collegium.ba/

Curator : Moon, Sang-Wook

Coordinator : Shim, Myung-Hee


Participation :

Moon, Sang-Wook. Shim, Myung-Hee. Han, Hee-Joon. Hwang, Hee-Sun. Jang, Won-Kyu

Jeong, Ji-Yoon. Jeong, Sang-Wun. Kim, Ji-Won. Kim, Sun-Hoi. Kim, Tae-Geun

Lee, Eun-Jeong. Lee, Jae-Bok. Lee, Jae-Kwang. Lee, Seung-Woo. Nam, Tack-Oon. Sim, Yeon-Hee


Lim Dong-Chang & ta - Korean Grand Opening Performance

Period : 7th . FEB : National Theatre

              8th. FEB : Dom Mladih

Director : Lim Dong chang

Coordinator : Shin ji, Moon Jin suk


Lim Dong chang ( Piano / Piaotgo)

Lee Ju hee (Dance)

Min Hae sung (Vocal)

Song Do young(Vocal)

Song Do hae (Drawing)

Kim Si youl (Piri)

Choi Si Young (Haegeum)

Lee Oh hoon (Daegeum)

Seo Su bok (Janggu)

SAI (Traditional Music Ensenble )

You Kyung hwa, Moon Kyoung a, Oh Kyung ja, Shin Jae hyeon

JINSOI (Traditional Percussion Group)

Kim Book man, Kil Ki ok, Kim Kyeong soo, Lee Yun gu


Presentation – Korean Contemporary Art

Period : 8th. FEB. 10:00 ~12:00

Venue : Collegium Artisticum http://www.collegium.ba/

Topic : Korean contemporary art - nothing but flowers and beauty

A lecture by Annelise Zwez ( Art Critic, Switzerland)

referring to the "Korean contemporary art" and "Korean contemporary photography" exhibitions at the Collegium Artisticum

Topic : Recent Activities of Nine Dragon Heads

A Lecture by Park Byoung Uk ( Directror of Nine Dragon Heads )