Daniela de Maddalena          



b. 26.4.1958 Aarau, Switzerland

Self-taught, freelance

Studio in Biel / Bienne BE

Member of the management board of Biel Art Society

Member of Visarte Biel (professional association for visual art)

Project manager A-ART and ASUPI Biel

Paedagogue in the Museum of Modern Art (Pasquart) in Biel / Bienne



With the exception of an excursion into landscape painting (Tuscany), people have been the main subject of her work: studies of individuals in their own context, and studies of groups and crowds. The uniform collection of spectators at football matches, of audiences at concerts, of people in swimming pools and people at domestic sporting events arouses distaste and fascinates at the same time. Such situations lead to the isolation of


the individual in the collective mass. The portrait is an attempt to capture the individual human being as a character and as a mirror of him- or herself. A short time ago, her interest grew to include general masses. Here, too, the attraction of the immutable affects the choice of subject: fruit, vegetables, fish, and all manner of junk in excess. Yet behind it all, the involvement and influence of people can always be felt. She also addresses the issues of the environment and Christian ethics, as well as creating open-air installations and performances where pictures and music feature, and drawing on her experience in dance and movement. The computer animated installation is also a part of her newest works.


One-woman and group exhibitions in CH, D, I, B, E


1999                                                          Kunstpreis ART LAVAUX, CH

1999                                       Ankauf Lutry VD, CH

2000                                       Wettbewerbspreis Galerie Liebau Fulda BRD

2000                                       Ankauf Hotel du Lac Montana

2000/2001                            Ankauf Kunstkommission der Stadt Biel, CH

2001                                       Ankauf  Crédit Suisse Zürich, CH


2002                                       Atelieraufenthalt Artplace Magglingen, Expo 02,

2002                                       Ankauf Hotel du Lac Montanan

2003                                        Projekt A-ART

2003                                                          5. Preis Malerei Int.Biennale für, zeitg. Kunst

                                                Florenz, Italien, Katalog (Bild - Ton - Installation)

2005                                       1. Preis mixed Media / Installation Int.Biennale für, zeitg. Kunst Florenz, Italien, Katalog (Installati

2006                                       Ankauf VEBO Olten

2006                                       Ankauf Hotel du Lac Montana

2008                                       Ankauf Klinik Linde, Biel CH

2008                                       Projekt ASUPI Biel CH