Curriculum Vitae


Denizhan Özer ( Turkey / UK)



In my works, the human element and human problems, both individual and social, always occupy the front ranks. In particular, I try to tell the real-life stories of those people who are marginalized, oppressed and in flight, and those who leave their homes and countries behind them and who are affected by war, terrorism, faulty policies and all kinds of difficulties, but in spite of everything who are trying to be happy. I accept that as a requisite time frame, an event that will re-discover the life and afresh it and that will be experienced and therefore, the past, by being documented, will be remembered and a lesson will be learned and transmitted to the future. That is why in my works I try to present the relation between art and life by documentation. In this connection, the events that happen in daily life, what I witness at firsthand, read, watch, experience have an influence on the conception of the structure of my works. The records that, I have been collecting for a long time have begun to occupy a place in my works and the works I have made turned into political works that constrain life, compel the taking of risk, and send meaningful messages. In my completed works the space occupies a prominent position as a significant idea. In the installations I prepare with modern methods which appropriate to the space, the objects I use are usually not ready-made and are based on documentations, re-worked, altered and re-created. These pieces contribute a great deal to the expression.

1991-1993 MA American University in London
1981-1986 BA Fine Art Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey

2008 ¡°Unlimited¡± Exhibition, 18. Artist/ Istanbul Artfair, 170 artists from 26 countries, TUYAP Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul
2008 "Transparent illusions" 1.Canakkale Biennale, National Gallery, Naval Museum, Cimenlik Castle, Old Church, Fevzi Pasa Depo Marina, Sea Side, People Garden Canakkale with 54 international artist
2008 "Visual Letters", National Theatre, Osnabruck, Germany,
2008 "Meeting Point" State Gallery, Canakkale Turkey,
2008 "Time to love and time to go home" Sefik Bursali Art Gallery, Bursa Turkey.
2007 1.Adana Biennial, Altan Art Gallery, Fotografya photography Gallery,
Tasmekan art gallery and some other buildings.Adana, Turkey. with 125 international artist
2007 4. Tashkent Biennial. Bedi-i Academy Art Gallery, Hose of Photography, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Turkish selection.
2007 "Time to see" Eskonsept Art Gallery.Istanbul, Turkey with 8 Turkish artist.
2007 "Station Istanbul" Karsi Sanat Art Centre, Istanbul, Turkey with 35 artist.
2007 44. Troia Art Festival. "Border Line" contemporary Art exhibition, National Gallery, Old Church, Naval Museum, See side, Depot and some old building with 85 international artist.
2007 "Meeting Point" Arcola Theatre, London. with 15 artist.
2007 "My Land, my body, Arcola Theatre, with 14 artist.

2007 1. Tashkent Video and photo festival, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.Turkish selection.
2006 43. Troia Art Festival, "Past time dream", Old tobacco depot, Canakkale, Turkey. (with 25 Turkish artist)
2006 "Strangers with Angelic Face" Akbank Art Centre, Istanbul,Turkey
2006 "Strangers with Angelic Face" Space Studio, Triangle Gallery, London

2004 Passport, Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, Curator: L. Calikoglu
2001 Beyond White, Kitabevi Art Gallery, Bursa
2001 Beyond White, Arcola Gallery, London
2001 Beyond White, Arcola Gallery, London
1997 Denizhan Ozer, No name, The Markovitch Gallery, London, Curator: B.Madra
1995 Denizhan Ozer, Esthetic Garbage, BM Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul
1995 Denizhan Ozer, Esthetic Garbage, Ataturk Cultural Center, Ankara

2008 ¡°Kesit¡±, Kemalettin Gazezoglu Art Center, Sanliurfa, Turkey. Curator: Fatih Balci
2008 Human Rights by Artist Eyes, Castle of Rion, Greece. Curator: Panagiotis Zervas
2008 "Transparent illusions" 1.Canakkale Biennale, Old Church
2008 Visual letters, National Theatre, Osnabruck, Germany
2008 "68 Movement", Piramit Art Centre, Istanbul, Turkey Curator: Bedri Baykam
2008 Meeting Point, National Gallery Canakkale, Turkey Curator: D.Ozer
2008 Paris short film festival, Cinema Arlequin, Paris
2008 Sarajevo-Nine Dragon Head Project, Turkish Cultural Centre, Curator. Park Byounguk
2008 "Time to love, time to go home" Sefik Bursali Art Gallery, Bursa. Curator: D Ozer
2007 "Bonjour montparnase" House of photography, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Curator: S. Khakhanashvili,
2007 Time to See, Eskonsept, Istanbul, Curator: D. Ozer
2007 Hybrid Nattarives, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul, Curator: L. Calikoglu
2007 Station Istanbul, Karsi Sanat, istanbul, Curator: S. Khakhanashvili, D. Ozer
2007 Borderline, 44. Troia Art Festival, Canakkale, Curator: S.Boztepe,D.Ozer
2007 Meeting Point, Koridoor Contemporary Art Program, Arcola Theatre, London
2007 My Land, My Body, Koridoor Contemporary Art Program, Arcola Theatre, London
2007 Station Khiva, video program, Old City, Curator: S. Khakhanashvili, S. Karimbabaeva.
2007 Station Samarkant, State Art Gallery. Samarkant, Curator: S. Khakhanasvili, S. Karimbabaeva.
2007 Tashkent Photo and Video Festival, House of Photography, Tashkent. Curator: S Khakhanashvili, S. Karimbabaeva.

2006 Station Paris, Heartgalerie, Paris, Curator: S. Khakhanashvili, Jean P. Aka
2006 Strangers with Angelic Faces, Akbank Cultural Centre, Istanbul . Curator: L. Calikoglu
2006 Strangers with Angelic Faces,Triangle Gallery,Space London .Curator:L. Calikoglu
2006 Station Bouhara, Caravansari Program, Isteza Cultural Centre, Bouhara, Curator: S. Khakhanashvili
2006 Station Tashkent, Caravansari Program, Academy of Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2006 Station Istanbul, Caravansari Program, TUYAP Art Fair 2006, Istanbul
2006 Diva Festivale, Hotel Kube, Paris, France, Curator: S. Khakkanashvili, Jean P. Aka
2006 Nuit Blanches 2006, Canal Saint Martin, Paris, France, Curator: S. Khakkanashvili, Jean P. Aka
2006 Troy Festivale, Old Tekel Depo, Canakkale, Turkey
2005 Art Caucasus 2005, Tbilisi, Georgia, Curator: Nana Kirmelashvili
2005 15th Istanbul Art Fair TUYAP, Istanbul, Turkey, Curator: F. Yaman
2005 X-trem-Ist, Gallery X, Istanbul, Turkey
2005 Recycle, Istanbul Modern Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, Curator: Erdem
2005 This is for You, Istanbul Modern Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, Curator: B. Madra
2005 30X30, Abney Hall, London, UK
2004 Melted Lifes, 4th Istanbul Art Fair TUYAP, Istanbul, Turkey, Curator: F. Yaman
2004 Gjonmili, Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtine, Kosova, Curator: Burim Myftiu
2004 Transformation, Toptasi Kulliyesi, Istanbul, Curator: Bunyamin Ozgultekin
2004 Celebration of Turkish Photography in B&W, St. Martin Galeri,
London, Curator: Vehbi Koca
2004 Tedium & Rainbow Ak Kultur Sanat Merkezi , Istanbul, Curator: L. Calikoglu
2003 Open 2003, Space Studios, London, UK
2003 What's missing?, Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, Curator: F. Yaman
2002 ¡°60 Years 60 Artists¡±,12th Istanbul Art Fair, Curators: A.Akay, H. Nurgurel, L. Calikoglu
2002 Dangerous Things, Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, Curator: L. Calikoglu
2002 Nomadic Reflection, Eski Tekel Deposu, Bandirma, Turkey, Curator: Gulsen Bal
2002 What If? Reflections on leaving across difference, Ankara Museum, Curator: Gulsen Bal
2002 Forgotten Places, Arcola Gallery, London, UK
2001 What If? In resident, in transit, Teesdale, St. London, Curator: Gulsen Bal
2001 What If? Reflections on choice, 333 Kifisias, Athens, Greece, Curator: Gulsen Bal
2001 Act One, Arcola Gallery, London, UK
1999 Where are you from, T-Union,BM Contemporary Art Centre,Istanbul, Curator: B. Madra
1998 Laughing Stock Exchange, Pozzo Pozozza Museum, Berlin, Germany
1998 Kerteriz, Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey Curator: B. Marda
2005 Between Two Sides, Performance, Aykut Barka Ferry, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 Sheep Platform collaboration with Bedri Baykam, Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul

2008 1.Canakkale Biennial, Transparent illusion, Old Church Canakkale, Turkey. Curator D.Ozer, S. Boztepe
2007 1.Thessaloniki Biennale, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Curator: Maria Tsantsanoglou.
2007 4. Tashkent Biennale, Bedi-i Academy, Tashkent Uzbekistan Curator: Kamola Akilova
2007 1.Adana Biennial, Altan Art Gallery, Adana Turkey Curator: D Ozer, M Tire
2004 Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea, Curator: Manu D. Park
2001 Tirana Biennale, Tirana, Albania, Curator: Ahu Antmen & Giancarlo Politi

Human Rights by Artist Eyes, Castle of Rion, Greece, 2008
Meeting Point, National Gallery Canakkale, Turkey, 2008
Sarajevo Winter, Nine Dragon Head Project, Turkish Cultural Centre, 2008
"Time to love, time to go home" Sefik Bursali Art Gallery, Bursa, 2008
Hybrid Nattarives, Akbank Art Center, 2007
1.Thessaloniki Biennale Catalogue, 2007
Tashkent Photo and Video Festival, Catalogue, House of Photography 2007
Strangers with Angelic Faces, Catalogue 2006
Between Two Sides, Catalogue (IDO 2005)
20th Year of the San Francisco Manifesto (Istanbul Art Museum Foundation, Istanbul, 2004
Sheep Platform (Bedri Baykam, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004)
Gjonmilli (Kosova Art Gallery, Pristine, Kosova, 2004)
Busan Biennale 2 (Manu D. Park, Busan, S. Korea, 2004)
Tedium & Rainbow, (Akbank Cultural Centre, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004)
Children and Art (Okuyan us, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003)
What`s Missing? (Karsi Sanat Calismalari, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003)
60 Years 60 Artists (Istanbul: Eczacibasi Virtual Museum, 2002)
Dangerous Things (Istanbul: Karsi Sanat Calismalari, 2002)
Nomadic Reflection (Bandirma Council, 2002)
Tirana Biennale 1, Catalogue (Giancarlo Politi, Milan, 2001)
Kerteriz (Istanbul, BM Contemporary Art Centre, 1998)
Where are you from (Istanbul, BM Contemporary Art Centre, 1999)
Denizhan Ozer, No Name (London, The Markovitch Gallery, 1997)
Denizhan Ozer, Esthetic Garbage (Istanbul, BM Contemporary Art Centre,1995)