Curriculum Vitae


Eugene Hansen  ( New Zealand)

Ngäti Maniapoto, Ngäti Mahuta

Phone: +64 4 801 5799 extn 6521


Address: Private Box 756, Wellington, 6140

MFA ( RMIT University, Melbourne)
BFA Sculpture ( University of Canterbury, Christchurch )
DipTch ( Christchurch College of Education, Christchurch )

Specialist knowledge in installation and new media art, with particular interests in their relationship to live video and audio performance and collaborative practices. Eugene Hansens current practice involves the production of multimedia installations that are con­structed from pop sculptures, large scale wall draw­ings, digital photographic prints and video and audio components. A series of performances where the audio and video components are remixed in real-time accompany the installations. He is particularly interested in how contemporary cultural production uses sampling to appropriate, reformat and redis­tribute media and how these processes can be used to intervene in conventional narrative structures and develop new content. Increasingly his interest in popular culture and its attendant technologies make it necessary for him to work with teams of collabora­tors to achieve his projects. He is concerned with the exploration of how these contemporary modes of cultural production and roles like producer/director, DJ and VJ, present in club culture, can be used to inform contemporary art practice. Eugene is also interested in the emerging role of the artist/curator. He was co-director and co-curator of SHOW Gallery which focused on the exhibition of explorative projects by mid career artists, and is part of a group of artists currently developing a new artist run project space in Wellington.


Research Highlights: Practice                                       

2008 Insidious pop 2 (drift). NewZealandFilmArchiveMediaplex,Wellington,NewZealand

2007 Electroluxxe club night. (resident VJ), Sandwiches, Wellington,NewZealand

2006 Co-curator SHOW Gallery Wellington,NewZealand

2005 World famous in NewZealand.CanberraContemporaryArtSpace,Canberra,Australia

2004 Telecom Prospect 2004. Inaugural exhibition New Zealand Film Archive Mediaplex, and City Gallery, Wellington,NewZealand

2003 Port Replicator. Michael Hirschfeld Gallery, City Gallery, Wellington,NewZealand

2002 Feature. GovettBrewsterArtGallery,NewPlymouth,NewZealand

2001 Techno Maori. PatakaMuseum,PoriruaandtouringtotheCityGallery,Wellington,NewZealand

1999 Close Quarters, Australasian