Gabriel Adams (USA/NZ)

Gabriel Adams is an installation artist based in the United States.



The current underpinning of my recent work can be defined as a foray into the field of social sculpture, and social practice, through installation. In this approach I seek to charge my work through the direct engagement of environment and community. My intention is to reclaim the power of art by placing it directly within living environments, rather than keeping it sequestered to an artist studio, or only within the framework of a gallery.


This theoretical approach combined with a desire to use materials as they present themselves offers a foundation for the liberation of actions and formal concepts within my work. With inclusion of a community focus added to this mix a fertile ground for cultivation opens and in many respects engages a powerful frontier of Art: one that has a direct effect and presence in the contemporary world and also society at large.



+001 413-931-1411





(Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae)


EXHIBITIONS (abbreviated, nondescript, chronological list)

year     title, type, event, location

2011    Media Becomes US, video performance, Çanakkale Bianalle, Çanakkale, Turkey

2010    Ice Cream Mirage, traveling performance, Nomadic Party, ARKO, Seoul, Korea

2010    Trespassers, sculpture, Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood, Massachusetts

2010    Sub Sub, installation, Subdocmenta,Skenderija Olympic Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia

2010    Dear Broken Heart, installation, Turkish Cultural Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia

2009    For Your Use: Saws, installation, Canaan Downs Symposium, New Zealand

2008    Free House, time based installation, Milnthorpe Sculpture Symposium, NZ

2007    Exposed Land, painting, Seachel Art Gallery, Nelson, NZ

2006    Reflect, installation/performance Human Rights festival, Geochang, S. Korea

2006    Open to the Elements, painting/drawing, Seachel Art Gallery, Nelson, NZ

2005    Super Cheap, Consume, installation, Terminus Public Art Project, Dunedin, NZ

2005    Huri 0 Te Wai, drawings, The Stingray, Nelson, NZ

2004    No Man's Land, painting, Gallery 203, Arts Council, Nelson, NZ

2004    Spring Exhibition, drawing, The Refinery Gallery, Nelson, NZ

2004    Nun, drawing, The None Gallery, Dunedin, NZ

2004    Last of the Golden Weather, painting, The Arc, Dunedin, NZ

2002    For Sight, sculpture, Thesis Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art, Maine

2002    #67, sculpture, Coaster Project, Trans-cultural Exchange, Global

2001    BFA Show, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine, USA

2001    Sticks: street collection, sculpture, Art Auction, ICA, Portland, ME

2000    Bird of Flight, student exhibition, Logan Gallery, Chautauqua, New York

1998    Landscape, Paintings, Blum Gallery, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

1997    Cairn, Round Tower at The Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Ireland



2011 - 2002 Independent practice, international.

2002    BFA honors, sculpture, The Maine College of Art, Portland, ME, USA          

2000    Chautauqua School of Art, Sculpture and drawing, Chautauqua, New York  

1998    College of the Atlantic, Human Ecology, Bar Harbor, Maine

1997    Trinity College, Studies in Irish History, Dublin, Ireland        

1997    The Putney School, Putney, Vermont

1996    Burren College of Art, Sculpture residency, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, Ireland


PUBLICATIONS (very abbreviated)

2011    ARTNEWS New Zealand, Autumn 2011 Magazine, Dispatch #1, p.82                      

“In with the whirl on the road to Urumqi” byPhillip Dadson (NZ).                   

detailsof Ice Cream Mirage discussed,

2010    SBS KBC South Korean Television Broadcasting. Nomadic Party, Interview.

2010    9 Dragon Head Symposium in Korea und China 2010      

“Die Neun-Drachen-Köpfe und die Schweiz” by Annelise Zwes (swiss)

2010    Boston Globe, ART REVIEW, 2010/09/19 (Full photo Trespasser is in print)  “standing up to their surroundings, Famed sculptor's estate hosts a juried exhibit”


2010    The Hollow-dot com (korean journal, mention of work)

이야기가 있는 전시회아르코 미술관, Normadic Party

2010 (Sarajevo, Bosnia) full story/interview with ‘lively’ comments.

Will forward translation of Dear Broken Heart on request.

“Amerikanac u potrazi za Sarajkom slomljenog srca”

2010, “Great Barrington Artist Bringing Ice Cream to the Desert” by Nicole Dupont