Iliko Zautashvili,

artist, art historian, independent curator
born in 1952 in Tbilisi
Lives and works in Tbilisi
From 2005 Co founder and Art Director of the National Art Center, Georgia 
From 2003 Director of the Centre of Global Coordination of Culture and Art
Curator of the Art Caucasus 2004 and 2005
From 2005 ?Editor in Chief of the art magazine LOOP¡¯A

Something about Love
Many works of contemporary art talk about love. They may be the implementation of feelings and situations lived or imagined by the artist. But they may also show, in a more indirect and abstract manner, the complexity of human relations, as soon as love, the desire to be loved and the quest for a life in which love would occupy a central place are involved. And, they could also simply suggest, through their subject and environment, real or fictitious love bonds, granting a great liberty of interpretation to the spectator.

In his video, 10-Second Couples, Cristian Alexa emphasises the magic moment of the first encounter; Yvette Brackman proposes seating accommodations favouring the approach of bodies; EVA & ADELE exhibit their life in twos as a work of art.
In her sound installations, Frances Goodman gives shape to the mysterious hesitations of feelings, whereas the videos by Jesper Just exalt and protect the female side in every man.
The still lifes of flowers by Sieglinde Klupsch are like an echo of the painted allegories of the past, just like the silver-plated skull posed on a wooden plinth, by Jill Mercedes, evokes the ancestral theme of Eros and Thanatos.
Sam Sonore seems to put the seduction games between men and women into images; Enzo Umbaca creates enchanting and romantic musings by way of photographing a sarcophagus made in ice and put in the middle of the woods; Iliko Zautashvili in his installation Touch Everything Except My Heart takes the limits between body and soul, between interior and exterior, into consideration, and Yi Zhou is singing, adopting the latest techniques, about the eternal need for love and beauty.

Through the works chosen, Something about love is an exhibition offering an approach to the many different, love-related aspects. Narrations, mises-en-sce'ne, allusions and metaphors, in the form of photographs, videos and installations may also serve to express and project sentiments of love. But Something about love may equally be considered as an attempt to escape from the pressure of daily life in order to concentrate on sentiments and aspirations of individuals beyond the social rules. At a period where confession at a large scale and almost systematic exhibition of intimacy are common practice, the mystery of love remains intact.