John Lyall

John Lyall is an Australian born artist who lives and works in New Zealand where he has been exhibiting across the genres of installation, sculpture,  cyber-opera, sound, performance, photography and drawing since 1983.  Before that he lived and worked in Australia and the U.K. He also writes in the areas of Landscape, Tourism, National Identity and Visual Culture. He would call himself a deconstructivist [but a willful and received post colonial one], and thinks that all his art has essentially an installation praxis


1992-3 Masters in Fine Arts lst Class Honours (Sculpture),

Fowlds Memorial Prize for the Pre-eminent Fine Arts Student

Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

Dissertation: Towards a Rigorous Extrapolative

Non-verbal Three Dimensional Thinking Tool

1984 Auckland SecondaryTeachers Training College / Division C- Art and Art History

1980 – 1982 Sydney College of the Arts, BA Visual Arts

Double Major in Sculpture

Specialist Areas- sound and performance

1964 – 1969 Normanhurst Boys High School, Sydney, Australia

EXHIBITIONS since 2000

Group Shows

2005          Terminus Installations and Symposium, site one ‘Left Luggage’ An installation and a performance, shoreline, Haulashore Island, Nelson, N.Z. and site two,  Inner Harbour, Dunedin N.Z. four floating sculptures moored between the harbour boardwalk and a pontoon jetty.

Dawn Light Exhibition and Symposium jointly hosted by the Gosford Regional Gallery  and the University of Newcastle University, at Gosford, NSW Australia. Sculpture

Installation, three separate performances, workshop, conference paper and three bodies of  photographs at both Gosford Regional Gallery and in the  Gosford Edogawa Garden, Gosford. Conference at Ourimbah Campus Newcastle [Aust.] University

Uncanny - the unnaturally strange, an exhibition with Australian and New         Zealand artists, Artspace, Auckland. International guest Curator Rhana Devenport. Six colour photographs.

Scarlet and Black. Curated Group Show, Waiheke Island Community Art Gallery.

Installation: picket fence palings, wooden chest, stuffed tot black panther, red meccano rug [Dilano Rugs]

Nine Dragon Heads 10th International Environmental Art Symposium, Nine DragonHeads Foundation, Cheongju Art Centre, Dai Jeong City, South Korea.

Exhibition: cibacrome photographs of installatns, and performance works

Nine Dragon Heads 10th International Environmental Art Symposium, Nine

Dragon Heads Foundation, installations and performance in the environment at Munui, South Korea.

2004          Nine Dragon Heads 9th International Environmental Art Symposium, Nine Dragon Heads Foundation, Cheongju Art Centre South Korea

New Zealand Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Gallery Pici, Seoul, South   Korea.

Generation 50, Te Wa - The Space, Wanganui.

II, 40 George Street. Auckland

Enterchange – Performance and Nature, curated by Wallace Heim,

5 Cheers for 2004, 40 George Street. Auckland.

Still Life a group exhibition, also featured new Dilana Rug designs including Meccano, 40 George Street Gallery, Auckland.

Intersculpt2003 - 3D Digital Art Event, Snowwhite, Unitech Faculty of Architecture and Design, Auckland.

2002                 Auckland City Art Gallery, Drawings. Christmas Show.

Lush Platform, Melbourne, Australia.

2001                                  Bright Paradise - Exotic History and Sublime Artifice - 1st Auckland Triennial. Curated by Allan Smith, New Gallery, Auckland.

                      Three bodies of work:

-50 cibachromes.

-a large [ 1000 m3 Installation with 4 sound tracks and video

-a three hour solo installation and performance with sound video and exercise equipment.

Darkness & Light: looking at landscape. Co-curators Simeon Kronenberg & Ngahiraka Mason, New Gallery, Auckland.

                        Take an Image, Art Station, Auckland.

2000          Bathos Selected in the Tenth Wallace Art Awards, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.

Darkness and Light: looking at landscape. Co-curators Simeon Kronenberg & Ngahiraka Mason,  McLellan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Solo Show

2005                 Borrowed Scenery, new photographs and drawings, 40 George Street, Auckland.

2004                 Burial at Sea for a Lost Elegance.  40 George Street Gallery, Auckland.

                        Snow Leopard Dreaming, Photographs, Performance, Show, Wellington.

July 2002          A Moa, A Math, A Mount, 40 George Street Gallery, Auckland.

July 2000          Lancaster Towards a Feral Art 

                        Photographs, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, England.


June 2005  An evening of performance 40 George Street Gallery, Mt Eden,   Auckland. ]

A suite of performed aphorisms.

Apr 2005           Nine Dragon Heads 10th International Environmental Art Symposium, Nine Dragon Heads Foundation, Cheongju Art Centre, Seoul, Korea

Dec 2004          Snow Leopard Dreaming, Show, Wellington.

May 2004          Yard Art and Some Laconic Natures. 8 solo performances.

40 George Street Gallery, Auckland.

Mar 2004          A Domestic Sublime: Still Life.   4 solo works.

40 George Street Gallery, Auckland.

2001                 Waltzing the Feral, Moving Image Centre, Auckland.

2001                Waltzing the Feral a performance at Artspace, Auckland, as part of Bright Paradise, Triennial.

by (x no. of) People Who Hit Things

all works written by John Lyall, (group formed in 1988)

July 2000     Requiem for (dis-located) Electronic Moa

A performance cyber/opera in Lancaster at the Between Nature conference

Nuffield Theatre complex.    

Three performers.

Accompanying catalogue/programme.




The Accelerated Sublime: Landscape, Tourism and Identity

C. Bell & J. Lyall, USA, Praeger, 2002.

International study of landscape as a commodity in both tourism and national identity discourse.

Includes material on promoting  nations, photography.

Substantially quoted  in Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist’s Eye, exhibition catalogue, Museum of Contemporay Art, Chicago, 2005 (with material by Umberto Eco, Lucy Lippard, Susan Sontag and Simon Schama). Foreword by Robert Fitzpatrick.  D.A.P./MCA, Chicago.

Putting Our Town on the Map

C.Bell and J. Lyall. New Zealand, HarperCollins, 1995.

Book of text and 210 images about N Z community identity symbols, signs and events in the 1990s [from a body of 2,500+ transparencies from four years of travel and research in New Zealand]

This material was also used for TV documentary, travelling photographic exhibition (accessioned by Rotorua Art Museum), and national postage stamps 1998.

Finalist, New Zealand Montana Book Awards, 1996

Book Chapters

2005 Bell C. and J. Lyall.  ‘ ‘I was here’: Pixilated Evidence’ in The Media and the Tourist

Imagination: Converging Cultures  Ed  David Crouch, Rhona Jackson and Felix Thompson. Routledge, U.K.

2004                 Lyall, J. ‘Post Empire: A Philatelic Ecology’, in Cultural Studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  Eds. C. Bell and S. Matthewman, Oxford University Press, Melbourne. pg. 210 - 224. (Reprinted, 2005)

2004                 Bell C. and J. Lyall. ‘Welcome to Auckland: a City Bus Tour’ in Almighty Auckland!  Eds. Ian Carter, David Craig and Steve Mathewman. Dunmore, New Zealand pg. 210 – 224.

2003                Bell, C. and J. Lyall. ‘Visual Cultural Methodology’ in Social Science Research in New Zealand. Eds. Carl Davidson and Martin Tolich. New Zealand, Longman, Pearson education.  2nd Edition.

2002                Bell. C. and J. Lyall. 'The Accelerated Sublime: thrill seeking heroes in the commodified landscape' in Tourism: Between Place and Performance.

                        Eds. Simon Coleman and Mike Crang, Berghahn Press, Oxford, UK.

2002                Bell, C. and J. Lyall  ‘One Night Out Gambling’ in Gambling in New Zealand. Ed. Curtis, B.  New Zealand, Dunmore.

2001                 Lyall, J.  ‘A Blue Displacement: Deconstructing the Sublime’ in Derrida Down Under.  Eds. Lawrence Simmons and Heather Worth; Dunmore Press.  (Includes a chapter by Jacques Derrida).

2001                 Bell. C. and J. Lyall. ‘Aesthetic Leisure” in Sociology of Everyday Life

                        in New Zealand. Ed. C. Bell, New Zealand, Dunmore Press.

2000                Bell. C. and J. Lyall.  ‘Visions of the 21st Century: Designing Future Communities’ in The New Epoch.  Ed. Martin Schoenhals and Joseph Behar. Dowling College Press, New York.