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2003 - Masters (Honours), Contemporary Arts. University of Western Sydney, Australia.

1990 - Graduate Diploma (Visual Arts) Sydney College of the Arts. Sydney, Australia.

1988 - Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts).  Sydney College of the Arts. Sydney, Australia.

1980 -  Bachelor of Applied Science (OT). Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Sydney, Australia.




2002 – “Make yourself at home”, Gallery 4a, Asia Australia Artist Centre, Sydney.  Installation.  52 beeswax spheres, wrapped beeswax column, wrapped red paper 4 metre mobile wall with white nylon mesh frill around base, 2 chairs (depression era).

1995 -  Artist in residence. “Some concentrated moments in time”, The Performance Space, Sydney. Installation. Wax windows, charcoal drawing 2.5m x 3.5m, wax hand, found objects.

1990 – “drop” - Sylvester Studios, Sydney. Installation. Circular swing, electric fence posts, charcoal drawing, 3 sound loops with ceramic pipe speakers.


2002 - Gallery 4A, Asia Australia Artists Association. Sydney. “Home (01)”. Gouache and     Ink on Papyrus.

2001 - 6th International Environment Art Symposium, “Nine Dragon Heads”, Taejong Lake    and Royal Tomb park, Ara Gaya, South Korea. Invited Artist. Collaboration with Suzanne Bartos in two Open-Air Installations. “Flutter”- 15 vylene (florist paper) fish attached to pink cord with wax teardrops hanging in pine forest, Taejong Lake. “A  gathering of trees” 6 vylene sheets with green lace along base, approx 3-4m high, stitched between pine trees in a passage between tombs, Royal tomb park, Ara Gaya.

2000 - 5th International Environment Art Symposium, “Nine Dragon Heads”, Taejong Lake    and Royal Tomb park, Ara Gaya, South Korea. Invited Artist, Open-Air Installation. “Woodtown”, 25 Wax houses (.7m x.7m) melted onto pine forest, 2 chairs sunk into ground (Taejong lake).”Transitions”, 9 carved pine branches dyed with red ink installed between royal tomb and farmland (Ara Gaya). 

        - Gallery 4A, Asia Australia Artists Association. Sydney. “hello hello”. Gouache and pencil on paper.

        - Synapse Symposium 2000, Mangrove Mountain, NSW. “ red room, yellow room”, Open -Air Installation. Red room- Red ink on branches, red masonite polka dots on ground, red mirror, red frame, found objects. Yellow room- Yellow chairs, yellow buckets, yellow barometer, yellow ribbon, wax house (.7mx.7m) melted on tree.

1998 -  Eco-poetics - Synapse Art Initiatives. Participant - Site-specific installation, Mangrove Mountain, N.S.W. Symposium- Artspace, July 1998. “Equilibrium”. Dialysis tubing (semi permeable membrane) filled with golden syrup laid in creek bed (working with osmosis).

1996 – “Unavailable space” - The Performance Space, Sydney. Untitled. 5 metres of dialysis tubing filled with iodine laid on a starched surface along the boundary wall creating a coloured chemical reaction through the process of osmosis. 15 drawings, gouache and pencil on paper.

1993–“The language of interruption” - The Performance Space, Sydney. “Imbaonlee”. 1000 (approx) marbles back lite with fairy lights on the edge of a 2.5m high shelf around room perimeter, venetion blind, antique light fitting.

1991– “No Diving (the child’s foot)” - The Performance Space, Sydney. “(Listening for) the sound of eyes open”. Steel door and window pane, steel ellipse (approx 3m long filled with soap flakes, 12 steel chairs (.35m high), moving light source (attached to baby rocker).

1988– “Dedifferentiated ground”- The Performance Space Sydney. Untitled. Film loop, heater, cauldron with water and brass filings.

1987– “Histories” - The Performance Space, Sydney. Drawing (4mx1.5m), Sound loop, pine needles, flour.



2003 – Conference presentation. “Inhabiting space and place – From installation art to the clinical setting”. Synergy. Art, Health and Design International Symposium. (to be published).

1999 – Post Graduate presentation. “Arts in Health. Connections in theory and practice, from the studio to the clinical setting”. Presented at School of Contemporary Arts (SOCA) Post Graduate Symposium, “Diversity in Contemporary Arts Theory and Practice”, UWS and SCOS “Colloquia”. To be published in collected papers, SOCA, UWS..

1998 – Conference presentation. “The Acute Adolescent Unit Courtyard Project - creating a place for recovery using Arts based Community Cultural Development practices in a hospital setting.”  Paper presented at the Third National Conference of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Sydney,

1995 – Conference presentation “ Place, space and object relations - The making of an outdoor hospital Space for psychotic and/or suicidal adolescents”, in Intersections - Conference papers 1995-1996.  College of Fine arts, University of N.S.W. (Publisher).  Edit- Prof. Elizabeth Ashburn, 1997.