Rijeka exhibition of the selected objects and installations by Jusuf Hadzifejzovic is the first more comprehensive Croatian presentation of this renown artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Works created in 1992-2003 period have been selected by Branko Cerovac, curator at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka. Works were chosen from a big Hadzifejzovic's exhibition titled "Scarecrows' Depotgraphy", held in Sarajevo gallery "Collegium artisticum" (June -July 2003) within ARS AEVI manifestation. Exhibition was organised simultaneously with the author's participation at the first show of Bosnia and Herzegovina artists at this year's 50th Venice Biennial (Palazzo Zorzi) and at the great international exhibition named "At the Balkan Gorges", held in Kassel.

Jusuf Hadzifejzovic (Prijepolje, 1956) studied at the Belgrade Art Academy and accomplished his post-graduate study at the State Art Academy in Duesseldorf (within Klaus Rinke's class). His artistic and organising activity (Yugoslav Documenta, Sarajevo) have strongly marked Sarajevo art scene of the 80ies. He replaced painting with the performances in which he dealt with the problem corpus of contemporary artist's work and position. During two decades he kept developing specific process of the art action - depotgraphy.

Museum depots, antiquarian shops, rubbish heaps and urban environment are the places at which Hadzifejzovic discovers, collects and takes over the rejected objects in order to relocate them into an entirely different context i.e. gallery space, mutually relating them in a completely new fashion. Installations realized in such a manner assume new, complex and layered meanings. Each of his works -depots -carry the name of a city in which the artist performs exploration.
Since 1992 Hadzifejzovic lives in Antwerp (Belgium). Range of works created between 1992-1996 speak of a war nonsense in a symbolic, cynical and witty manner.
Comprehensive monograph about Jusuf Hadzifejzovic is about to be released soon.

By his work "Rijeka Depot 1987" Hadzifejzovic reconstructs and interprets anew, within a new context, installation shown at the 14th Youth Biennial in Rijeka in 1987.