born in JAPAN 1949  "Kazunori Kitazawa" <> Tel: +00 81 263 83 7211

I consider my expression as poetry that is produced from relation of my body, my sprit and materials.

That is what reject me to stand on the side of death, protects my " life" and encourages me.

That is something not only lets my ambition last but also lets me fight against the pain of my "heart', lets

my soul revive and lets the wound get better.

That is the art I can touch the thing that I can not see. the art...

Resent Works 2000~

BRIDGE- Bronix River Art CenterNew York, USA )                   

Transposition  ( Hambrug, GERMANY )                                           

EVENTA-4 (Uppsala , SWEDEN )

TOLLWOOD ( Munchen, Germany )

Nine Dragon Heads in Sarajevo winter ( Sarajevo. Bosnia & Herezegovina )

Down Light Symposium. ( NSW. Gosford, Australia. )