Lim, Dong-Chang  ( Composer. Pianist )


The blood which is absorbed in orthodox national classical music it knows su thu the alumni Sea which is...

Studying abroad it studies and our music it searches for it concentrates
" It knows the ancestor and music it knows,


March which passes 19th night light north Andong ci lyey the grudge all stone chamber of the art village. The composer interest blood it knows su thu is and the alumni (48) Sea with the sportswear pants with the vest outfit which is mottled sat in the piano chair. " The music must listen to in one condition inside the side, " it got torn and " it lay down strongly and the wild field u " it was Songhwa.

The affection evil which is a Korean orthodox national classical music (정악) it was absorbed in the work which it interprets with the piano ci the new waterway 4 yearth. It goes and come often national classical musics and both evils and in the Sea which is all keyn the while ' khel thu the blood it knows su thu ' ni ' destruction of existing music to sleep, ' the modifier which is accompanied. The Sea which is currently from the heart of a mountain paragraph for as for the piano Analects of Confucius ㆍ learns Mencius from the light north Andong village and it starts a 2nd music life. 2001 year second the creation music subject which it starts thousand (수제천) the composition work accomplished to an end. The spring about composition which will come is over but to the place where it comes out with the musical note and the record smallest 1 years were caught, it wears out. The whole quantity ten chapter smallest CD will become.

From 4 yearth mountain inside it is absorbed in composition.

If " the culture which the karaoke room is not fact nationality and world-wide orchestra grade come, only the foreign nation thing under playing canh Oh the bedspread. The mountain it dozes but the sound which sells with same ethnic custom music differently especially it cannot become known it wants informing the Korean music. If ' there was not music which shows the color of Korea ', the bedspread." thu the lot or POP song it enjoyed and plays that ci bay character to the world propagates high Korean music with the determination jumped in to work.

The first 1 years between took out the material of subject thousand won music and inside after disjointing, the re-union it was a process which it does. After the like that me lis it moved the fact that it flows in inside with the musical note. The Sea music which is it makes it writes a lost chance it draws a daily, is. 2002 February, 7 hours it made the music of quantity at only 1 years. sya It will go the picture report to pop up the wife whom it likes, it made, ' April with the bride ' United States 9 ㆍ 11 terror afters it made, ' Oh, is to be put in sul lam ' same musics. It threw away those musics of the outdoors all. It searches for Austria and one month between it lives and and when composing, was.

" hu The show phayng also the Korean traditional percussion quarter is mountain luminous intensity to eat, pwass canh Oh the bedspread. Whole life it was a feeling which all excretes the music which eats." anything Namji it was not, theng the pure affection evil bay it listens to from empty condition, it started. If " mwel it listens to, the D it sticks to easily in the cell, the flag being stopped up and meeting the ancestor kath more 90000 bedspreads. It meets the ancestor and it sees the back of sound and toyp it is a D."

It desires it listened to music with the mind which it waits. When like this sound is born

why, it reads that rear background, it started. And the creation motive rose from mind and or route it waited. If " the impression comes, it does not write at once. If mwen came to feel dreamy frame distance the crab from inside inside, the that it patched until at the time of reference rising day, it was and when it was ripe, the toe it carries through, well! the example bedspread."

If impression it comes, it does not compose at once not to be,

Mind it tightened the control but the place where it will work was inconvenient. " ppel It is and there is and a reed and and wants working from the place which is lonely well! d. Also Chwung Cheng from the piece scanned the seashore all. Exorcism it tried. After searching for the proposal grave which is a serious consideration signature white tiger wandering disappeared."

The paragraph which is in the insect south gold mine and light north Andong ci lyey the art village it came and went and it was hung it came in work activity and and. It falls in to studying abroad and and history study the fact that it holds when really it informed an evil, from the ancestor does to know was because of thought well.

Is a chollapuk_do Kunsan birth and the Sea at the time of junior high school 2 grade indulges in piano sound, it started. It ate from the piano teacher house and it slept and and with no charge it learned. The church it went and it hit a hymn accompaniment and also the period did. To 1978 years which finish the high school the mouth mountain and sea step rim (보림) the Buddhist name which is it got in Inch'on anger company. The military force it was discharged from service and it searched for the paragraph again. It will cry, lung the road hwul ccek it left and from stand 1000 won it received accompaniment it tried in 1 paragraph and and.


And it entered into a Seoul municipal large composition and in 29 three. It studies a Western present-day music composition to respect, was. The Sea which is after the that advance guard creation music, the opera and the play ㆍ read extensively all territories it will be able to express with martial background music back musical note it came. ' The fox Oh! the fox Oh! ' it is same

Transmission restlessness or mountain mourning piano playing a variation it is a all work he to do to enjoy. He felt at the slightest slip and languidly interpret the national classical music which is quality possibility with self a lecture and the public performance which and he sent he came. When the equipments and the gong the national classical music self-control training cam which teaches the law which hits phu it opens, it fixed in folk song and eng it danced it went and and and the piano thwing it crawled a lump dance and and. From sound and the mountain trillion where it sells thu the lot and POP song it reaches to a performance until it did not hide. Like this the wrong people called ' origination (기인) ' are ' as music natural disaster '. Will be wrong and the acquaintances who know " about li the D are tender and the person who is pure " as this but in him keyn it catches a left public opinion gaze criticism it followed with the conduct which is strange. Like this gaze charge in composition work and and leaves the some year between this world which passes in be blame and it is absorbed come it does not know.

" By now side job life "

" The language which hits all hereupon the bedspread. By fact now it sends a public performance, it eats and the side job life must live ess canh Oh the bedspread. Mind the broad way which flows it lives, it sees to come to be famous, iss ess ci, I seemed mwen well and week quality i could not. That now it steps forward first foot which shows the alumni truth features which is a before it thinks."

About tens it puts out the creation music of music and the performance activity which goes and come often music and the play and the fine arts and it does all it is not humane. Him the emotion which it soaks realness the Korean music which is to live it is a piano and it releases with the entirely different musical instrument and the fact that it puts out in subject it makes.

Him " the human being makes and the sound which it puts out animation feeling cannot jump over the natural sound which is that form, " it got torn and " the art talked to fabricate anyhow when fabricating well, as the law " this the fragrance becomes purge.

March which passes 19th ci lyey it will search for the art village and it will be wrong the place where it is waiting from the all stone chamber and and, his cce leng cce leng one voice came to ladle in the yard. " Yongdok flag it eats go ~ ". hwak It opened the window paper door and it gets wet like the child whom it boils it talked. Neighborhood haircut smallness it goes at long last and " the face hwen does in haircut grudge him, " flaw it is unseemly, tus it turned a topic. The Korean clothes D person who is a wife Sea you hyo re-(46) report e color grudge tus the bay where it laughs.

The car other Yongdok to thin route " good scenery it does to see plentifully, " it got torn and one time it stopped and and it stood. The operation career el E " operation does well in him which does not become, " when does he " will step the piano pedal, " it does. " Market it will do from the dining room, " it got torn and el lun it ran and side dish also the direct carrying.

Light north Andong is the place where the peculiar memory is to live in him. " Accidentally under 1999 years is the dam submerged districts will roll and the place water which passes falls in and 400 years which distinguish features it saw the Korean-style house which becomes. Reason it will not know, to come to feel." and the that April do the day when the width right pours, sent a special public performance from that phyey front. The Sea which is rose to the truck and as for the vinyl it played. It is a national classical music, the masses singer and bravery, the act artists got wider the outdoors Fall in shoes person the playing petal which is born. The neighborhood grandmothers who dance joyfully " the face the month lump the same person hits the piano well, " it got torn and the shoes did B. Until the neighborhood resident it was a playing yard where 1000 dawns had become one.


It sends a Sea one line and the one day when is he the truth is simple and the impression where is the warm person came and electrolysis it came. ' Chwung Cheng which the Korean clothes it makes still it is born the auntie ' the wife who is resembled with the Sea certainly. The Sea which is " keyn is not wife's help and an outside elegy separately to our couple and the each one side it does and and it lives to as the first " this bay it does.

When the Sea which is finished a public performance and the place emptied in visitor three and it was the quality time, ' Oh li lang ' under playing it boiled a same music. " The self the shoes B is like that, all ", the field but will be wrong and the people who know in order for the Sea which is the spectators to be chilly not to do the position stage at after, ' warm care ' it holds the fact that is.

If " the inside constitution so enters to the human being company network the moth which it holds in the spider's thread comes to be same, the bedspread." the mountain it will burn to come and go, ' our music it searches for, ' defect ppek from his features which is to fall in the peculiar fragrance came and and electrolysis it came.