Curriculum Vitae


Lisa Benson


Beijing P  +861064358010

 M  +8615201024391

New Zealand P +6478383503

M +642102513272

P.O. Box 19424                                                                    Hamilton. 3244

New Zealand

PREVIOUS  1999 – 2010

SASM  (Senior Academic Staff Member)

School of Media Arts

The Waikato Institute of Technology


Aotearoa, New Zealand



2008 Certificate in Adult Learning and Teaching (CALT-accredited) The Waikato Institute of Technology

2000-2001 Master of Fine Arts, RMIT, Melbourne

1998 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Waikato Institute of Technology, Double major – painting and photography

1989 Diploma in Teaching, Dunedin, Double major – Art and Maori (New Zealand’s Indigenous Language)



2009 Fade (2009), Antique Black and White photographic paper and gathered light from the artist’s studio in

Hamilton, New Zealand (2003-2009) and the Dance House Gallery, Melbourne (for the duration of the TTP

conference), time.transcendence.performance, 1-3 October, Monash University, Caulfield, Melbourne

Open Studio. Red Gates Solo International Residency Exhibition, Studio Two, Bei Gao, Beijing

Still, RAMP Gallery, WINTEC, Hamilton, April/May

2008 Sky Lights. Drawings from Mount John Observatory, 2006. c3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsfor

Convent Foundation, 1 St Heliers St. Abbotsford VIC 3067 Australia

Hold, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

Hit and Miss, Ledge, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton

2006 Drift, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

2005 Sallow, (curated by John Hurrell), The Signal Gallery, Hamilton

Greyhound, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

2004 Shift, (curated by Leafa Wilson), Waikato Museum of Art and History, Hamilton

Black Bag, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

2003 Stasis, West space, Melbourne

Black Bag, The Lesley Kreisler Gallery, New Plymouth

Black Bag, Residency Outcome, Rm 401, Auckland

2002 Gridlocked, Christchurch

Desire Lines, Gridlocked, (curated by Tessa Giblin), Christchurch

2001 Remembering other places through shifting stasis, Victoria Street, Hamilton

Untitled, Chalk, (public place) La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Haven’t I Seen You Somewhere before, Rm 401, Auckland

Shift, Ballet Shoes, (Public Place) Garden Place, Hamilton

Chalk Lines, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton

Untitled, from the Desire lines series, Ramp Gallery and Garden Place, Hamilton

Allocation, Metropolis café



2009 Mesh. Curator Antoinette Godkin, Antoinette Godkin Gallery, August, Auckland

The Opening. Red Gates International Residency Exhibition, Bei Gao, Beijing

The Black Show. Curator Angela Thiriwell. c3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsford Convent Foundation, 1

St Heliers St. Abbotsford VIC 3067 Australia

Group Show with Nine Dragon Heads, curator Park, Byoung-Uk (Korea), Turkish Cultural Center, Sarajevo,

Bosnia and Herzgovina

Kult Zona, Scanderia, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2008 Mediated Weather, MIC Toi Rerehiko (Media and Interdisciplinary Centre), Auckland, curator Janine

Randerson, October/November.

Lightweight, curator, rm103, Customs St East, Auckland

Aspects of the Gallery, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

Group Show with Nine Dragon Heads, currator Park, Byoung-Uk (Korea), Turkish Cultural Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzgovina

2007 Sighing: Just Out Of Ear Shot, Group show, curator Ali Bramwell, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

The Waikato Art Awards, (judged by Leonard Emmerling), Waikato Museum of Art and History, Hamilton

Composite Realities amid time and space: recent art and photography, Curator Professor David Thomas (RMIT), Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

Existence, (curator Leafa Wilson), Waikato Museum of Art and History,Hamilton

Group Exhibition, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

2006 Group Show, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

Delineate (curator Lorraine Pemberton), Artspost, Hamilton, July-August, 2006

2005 Busan International Print Art Festival, Busan, Korea

The Natural Home, Platform01, Hamilton, August, 2005

Group Exhibition, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

Group Exhibition, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

Art Emergency, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

Assemblage (curator Sarah Kernahan), Platform 01, Hamilton

2004 Full House, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland                            

Strange Name for Girls, (curator Leafa Wilson), Platform 01

Duets, The Abandoned Sculpture Project, (curated by Lauren Winstone), Ramp Gallery, Hamilton

Ahoy!, Flag Project, (curators by Nicola Farqhar and Warren Olds), Thomas Cook Building flagpole/ The Physics Room, Hamilton / Christchurch

Water Works, (curators Nick Spratt and Lauren Winstone), Rm103, Auckland

Blue Oyster Fundraiser, (curators the Blue Oyster Arts Board), Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

The Photography of Nothing, (curator Ben Curnow), Canary Gallery, Auckland

From the same foundations, (curator Emma Pullar), Artspost, Hamilton

Untitled, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

Juice, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland

2003 Affordable Artshow, Conny Dietzchold Gallery, Sydney

Cuckoo at the Critical Studies Test Site, Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Sweden (curators Cuckoo and David Hatcher)

Fundraiser, West Space, Melbourne

Changing Times in Painting, Curator David Thomas, Six New Zealand Abstract Painters, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney

2002 Seconds, Curator Charlotte Craw, Rm 401, Auckland

2001 Siemens Scholarship Show, Storey Hall, Melbourne

Gifthorse, The Syrup Room, Hamilton

Strata, Span Gallery, Melbourne

MFA, NZ Faculty Gallery, RMIT, Melbourne

The Load Project, Dunedin / Port Chalmers

Disposable, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton

2000 Balustrade, Syrup Room, Hamilton

B Grade, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton

Run, Syrup Room,

Inflatable, Syrup Room



2009 Neman Nista Samo Iman Vremena. Gift performance, Multiple venues, Sarajevo, Bosnia and


2008 Red Carpet for New Europe, Paprika Drawing, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzgovina, February.

2006 Hinge, Drawing Collaborataion with Susan Jacobs, Victoria Park Gallery, Melbourne

Twenty Minute Spin, Performance Series, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

2004 Performance/Installation, Collaboration with Karin Van Roosmalen, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

2003 SOLITION, Regent Theatre, Auckland

Co-incidence: Redefining Symposium. Curator, Ali Bramwell, Takaka

2002 Cuckoo Project, Performance night at Artspace, Auckland

Trade, Performance at Sydney Park

2001 The Other Side: Curator, Lisa Benson, Syrup Room, Hamilton



2008 For The Love Of It  # 5. Threaded Magazine

2007 Composite Realities Amid Time And Space: Recent Art and Photography. Catalogue

2006 UNO Magazine, feature Artist, issue 6

Performance Art Series, Dunedin, Publication DVD

2005-06 Ramp Magazine. Editor, Cassandra Barnett, Ramp Press, Wintec

2004 New New Zealand Art. Curated and Published by Ben Curnow, Auckland

UN Magazine. Editor, Lily Hubbard, Kings Artist run Initiative, Melbourne

2003 Changing Times in Painting. Curator, David Thomas, Six New Zealand Abstract Painters

Co-Incidence: Redefining Symposium. Curator, Ali Bramwell, Takaka, N.Z.



2008                                            Meritorious Research Award. Waikato Institute of Technology

2008                                            Highly Commended. COCA Anthony Harper Award

2006                                            Merit in the Summer Waikato Competition



Jenny Gibbs Collection

Glenn Schaeffer Collection USA

The Waikato Museum of Art and History

Private Collections in Australia, New Zealand and Europe




THE MOVEMENT OF COLOUR/MONOCHROME AMID TIME AND SPACE (WORKING TITLE) Curator Prof. David Thomas (RMIT), Australia, Two Rooms - 8th Sept 10th Oct 2010 and Nellie Castan Gallery Melbourne - March-2011, and Europe 2011 TBC.


Antoinette Godkin has curated my work into her Gallery’s exhibition alongside Auckland’s photographic festival in June/July, 2010.


15th international environment art symposium at Silk Road. Nine Dragon Heads Symposium Korea/China, August 2010. Curator Park, Byoung-Uk (Korea)