Magda Guruli

Selected activity and bibliography

Editor of the contemporary art magazine LOOP’A (Tbilisi) and a regional art magazine

CORD (South Caucasus).

Curator of the National Art Centre / Georgia.

A founder of the Foundation: The Centre of Global Coordination for Culture and Art – CGCCA, Tbilisi.

A founder of the Foundation: The Centre for Visual Researches. Tbilisi.

Selected art activity from 2003

2003 7+7 More Transparent, joint exhibition with the ‘Wings of Time’, Baku

Azerbaijan. Curator/Georgian side.

2003 Reportage from the South Caucasus, Goethe Institute, photo exhibition within

the International Forum of Visual Arts, Caravansarai, Tbilisi 2003, curator;

2003 – SOS – Art for Freedom, Internet action dedicated to the Rose Revolution.

2004 – More Transparent – Defundamentalization, video-action supported by the

Goethe Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia. Curator

2004 – METAMORPH, Venice 9-th Architectural Biennale. Co-organizer of the project

Garikula – Center for the Arts presented by Georgia;

2004 – Double Bottom, exhibition project, Goethe Institute, Club 22, Tbilisi, Georgia.Curator.

2004 – Point of Intersection, exhibition projects within the Art Caucasus 2004,

Tbilisi, Georgia. Co-curator.

Life-n-Style, Art Caucasus 2004, Tbilisi, Georgia. Co-curator;

2004 – Wind from the Caucasus, International workshop, Art-villa Garikula, Georgia.


2005 – Presentation of the National art Center – NAC. Coordinator/Curator.

2005 – Art for Freedom, exhibition-action, National art Canter, Tbilisi,

Georgia. Coordinator/Curator;

2005 – Participant from Georgia in the round table conference Neighbors in Dialogue

organized by ‘Nuova Icona’ and Wimbledon School of Art, 51st Venice Biennale.

2005 – Hope Maker, The Time to Gather Stones, 4-part documentary, research and

screenplay, production of ‘News Corporation. Europe’;

2005 – Beyond Stereotypes, Art Caucasus 2005 – International Actual Art Convention. Co-curator

2005Consumption of Justice, workshop and symposium, Dyiarbakir, Turkey, participant from Georgia;

2006Atmosphere 41 Degree, exhibition project, National Centre for Contemporary Art, 

Moscow. Curator;

2006 – Sevani Biennale, village Artanish, coordinator/curator of the Georgian participation;

2007Atmosphere 41 Degree, City, parallel exhibition of the 10th International Istanbul Biennale,

Siemens Art Gallert, Istanbul. Curator.

2007Interpretation of Dreams, ‘Aluminium’ the 3rd International Biennale of Contemporary

Art, Baku, Azerbaijan. Curator.

2008 Journey to Tbilisi, Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, France. Curator

2008 – ARTISTERIUM 2008, International Forum of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia. Curator

2009 – Born in Georgia, group exhibition, Cobra Museum Amsterdam, coordinator/Georgian side

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