Oulim Korean Ensemble


Hailed for its “Oulim” Ensenble, captivating performances of supreme artistry, the OULIM, “a spectacular group with wonderful musicality at their flash of inspiration,” Oulim has established 1986 its status as one of the most notable ensembles of today. Oulim is comprised of members who each contributes own singular warmth and impassioned sensibility to the collaborative force. The Oulim has appeared in concerts all across Far Est as well as around the world. Oulim were formed korean instrument and classically in violin, piano and cello as well.They blend their classical background with Jazz, pop and folk elements to create something new and refreshing.


Curriculum Vitae

Lee Byoung Wook ( Korea ) & OULIM

Musim Seo Ro 241. 

Heunduk Gu. Cheongju Shi.

Chungbuk . KOREA

Tel) +82 33 436 6386 (studio)

Mobile : +82 (0)17 391 4025

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LEE BYEONG WOOK,who was born in Sesan of the southern Chungcheong province, graduated from Serabuel High School, Chungang Univerisity and its graduate school majoring in music, the graduate school of Karlsruhe Music University in Germany. He submitted a piece to the 23rd concert for new musicians organized by the Chosun Illbo and announced his work at the 1986~1987 Tonkunstler Fest in Baden-wurttemberg, Germany, as he won a prize for his chamber music. Composing Opera Solmoe "Saint Andrew Kim", a creative work which depicted the life of Saint Andrew Kim in commemoration of the International Flower Fair and premiering it, LEE BYEONG WOOK made us deeply moved from the bottom of our heart for sacred martyrdom. He composed "Light is looming" at the 2000 Millennium Festival and conducted 2000 Chorus, a joyful festival along with around 60,000 citizens in the city of Chungjoo, which was literally a wave of sensations. He also composed and announced "Gebalhwan" in 2001, a synthetic creative fusion artistic drama, which was put on the stage jointly by amunicipal symphony orchestra, a chorus, a national classical music troupe, and a dance troupe. He put out around 40 records representing various kinds of music genres like "Being Together" "Being New" "Meditation Music" "Drama Music" "Dance Music" "Religious Music" "LEE BYEONG WOOK’s Music Stroll" "The Nest of a Family Chamber Orchestra", and "The Collection of Sweet Melody and Classical Guitar Repertories", a collection of guitar solos, which can be interpreted as the outcome of his affection and enthusiasm for looking for our sounds.

In 2003, he was invited to MAX REGER TAGE in Germany, where he held his solo concert getting a lot of attention from the media and people from all walks of life.

In 2005, he was again invited to the music festival of MAX REGER, where he held aseminar in the title of the characteristics and understanding of Korean music and performed "Han River Arari", a new work based on the Korean traditional music of LEE BYEONG WOOK and Being together. In February, 2007, "LEE BYEONG WOOK and Being together" was invited to the Peace Festival held in Sarajevo, Bosnia, for which he composed "Festival’s Sarajevo" so that all the people around the world can sing it together, and the song was dedicated to the Planning Committee of Sarajevo Peace Festival along with the commemorating poem of LEE DAL KYUN, a lyric writer. He also held his solo concert there, successfully making his musicworld known to the entire international community. In 2007 and 2008, he was invited to compose the performance music celebrating the Memorial Day and performed it. He wrote music for the Han River Festival for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and composed the event music for the Olympic torch relay. He won a prize for his orchestral music at the 19th Seoul Concert, won the superior prize at the 9th Korea Composition Prize in 1988, the music prize at the 26th Backsang Art Award in 1990, the best prize at the 10th Korea Composition Award in 1990, the composition prize at KBS National Classical Music Grand Award in 1992, and the Korea Pipe Music Composition Prize in 1994.

He is now serving as a professor teaching composition for the Department of Music at the Performance and Art School at Seowon University in Chengjoo, a representative for ‘LEE BYEONG WOOK and Being Together’, "Nest", Korea’s first family chamber orchestra, Marisoligol, a cradle of Korean music, and the chief director of Marisoli Music Institute Co, Ltd.

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