Curriculum Vitae


Yoko Kajio  

( Australia / Japan )

PO BOX 417,



Ph:+61(08)8272 7609


An art installation comprised of moving images, sculpture, and sound. 

In the installation space, there were multiple mirror components and this created a feeling that there were a lot of things going on. The wall size colour video projection had a multiple purpose. It not only displayed images, but also was the main source of light for the whole work. Some parts of the multiple coloured images projected from the projector were redirected through suspended mirrors to specific points where objects, such as a shower of water in one part of the room and calm of acrylic rods in another part, where partially disrupting the resultant secondary images all over the walls. Dry leaves where placed like a river interspersed with light bulbs.

The sound components consisted of two different sounds, one resulting from the destruction of dry leaves that played at erratic intervals, so that just when you had almost forgotten about them they would appear again, and the other was from the sound of falling water from the shower.

This project is an extension of an existing project “Forest of Invisible Waves”.

The purpose is to do this project in the context of the particular locality it is installed in ie. using a different source of images and sound. Sculpture, light and leaves (locally found) will create totally unique new version of  “Forest Of Invisible Waves”.


I also will do one off vision mix performance that using my new and old moving images. These footages are from different countries, all different sceneries, straight shots and abstract shots and some using effects or filters that will live mixing. 


Another project is the extending of my work “Interaction of Sound Waves’ held in the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide for the Fringe festival in 2004. Viewers could participate by using water pistols to alter the watercolour images of sound waves. The idea is to convey the idea that you don’t need to put gunpowder in a pistol to destroy something, just water and we can create art together.


These two projects are intentionally created to grow, change and develop as they are installed in different localities. While the structure itself remains the same, as does the concept, the sources are always different: Moving images sounds and materials, like nature, can be simply described, but the reality is often very different and more complex.


YOKO KAJI0 Address: PO BOX 417 FULLARTON,  South Australia, 5063
E-mail / Phone: +61 (0)8 8272 7609/  Mobile: 0423018091


Bachelor of Visual Arts First Honors degree, University of South Australia


Individual Exhibitions


Downtown Art Space, Gnidrocer,  Adelaide


Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and design Atrium, deltitnu-R, SALA moving image


Multimedia installation, Adelaide


Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Forest of Invisible Waves, SA


Koi exhibition, 220 Hindley St. Building, Adelaide.


Selected Group Exhibitions


SALA Festival, 10finalist in The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award Exhibition,Adelaide


SALA Festival, moving image, Light Square Gallery, Moving Translations, Adelaide


Downtown Art Space, Meet & Greed, naked tree, Adelaide


SALA Festival,moving image:tell me where is bomb is ,Mercury Cinema&DavidJones SA


Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Magnetism Suspension, Gnidrocer- nothing


is permanent-05, China


International Dawn Light Symposium, Incomplete in the complete, Gosford Regional Gallery, NSW


Today Art Museum, Beijing, Asian Traffic, Gnidrocer- nothing is permanent, China


SALA Festival,, moving image: Gnidrocer in process, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, A – Symmetry,  Adelaide


Adelaide Fringe Festival: Lighten up, Heritage tank-2004, FringeHub, Adelaide


Asian Traffic, Gnidrocer- nothing is permanent, Gallery 4a(AAAC), Sydney


Federation Square, Melbourne, The Containers Project , Melbourne


Bread Box Gallery, Perth, Swap, erif-e (dvd),


REC/PLAY/PAUSE/(photomedia), A space of mind, N-Gallery Underdale SA


electtroni nessun senso, down town art space on Hindley , Adelaide


Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Z, Wave 3 (dvd), Sydney


RUNDLEMALL, MOVE 4, everyone has a birthday:(video installation), Adelaide


SALA Festival,moving image: deltitnu -000 (experimental film),Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


THE PHYSICS ROOM, Christchurch, GLEAM, deltitnu 0-1, New Zealand


The young ones: BEACH STREET GALLERY, Adelaide


RHYTHM OF VISION: fad, Adelaide


Q jumping, 84 Hindley St. Adelaide


The Experimental Art Foundation, GLEAM, deltitnu 0-1  Adelaide


SALA Festival, moving image: 404 (experimental film), Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


SALA Festival Mental Maps (CD-ROM), Ngapatji Multimedia Centre, Adelaide


McGregor Prize for Photography Exhibition, 11-7, Faculty of Arts Foyer Gallery,


The University of Southern Queensland, Queensland


Kisaragi Project, (wa)exhibition, Japanese/Australian artists,I00Fbuild, SA


xx (double cross), 82 Hindley St.Shop @rt gallery space, Adelaide


tRANZ – FiX multimedia festival: Mental Maps, 404 , DENDY Martin Place, Sydney


DIGITAL NARRATIVE: Shift/Enter CD-Rom installation, SEAS Gallery, Adelaide


PHOTOGRAPHY ON SHOW, J111 Gallery, Underdale


Project Participant


Surface, Sound Piece, 4 Linda Lou Murphy, SASA Gallery, Adelaide, SA


Resonance, Forever Ghost, voice 4 Francesca da Rimini, Netherlands Media Art


Institute, Montevideo, Amsterdam


SALA Festival, Performance 4 Espace by Andy Petrusevics


10th Anniversary-Japan Foundation Sydney ,Forever Ghost, voice 4 Francesca da


Rimini,  Powerhouse Museum,Sydney



Awards & Grants


SALA 10th Festival Bunka Award, Best Moving Image


Arts SA Project Short notice Grant, for “Asian Traffic”, Shanghai exhibition


Arts SA Project Short notice Grant, for “Asian Traffic”, Sydney exhibition


NAVA Artists’ Grant, for “A – Symmetry”


Advertiser News paper,“ Arts Oscars of 2000” Best New Talent installation artist


Deans Merit Award List, for outstanding achievement, University of South Australia


ENTROPY Magazine, Annual Film Festival 1st Award




2002-2000  Kisaragi project, Producing the Adelaide Festival of Art information in Japanese for publication




Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide – PointX



Selected Publications


Patrick Mcdonald, SALA FESTIVAL/10finalists announced for new art award,


The Advertiser Newspaper, August 21


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2006, moving image on-line video treasures from MI 2006 by ANNT


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Performance and Exhibition

shimmeeshok –performance art group (linda lou murphy and yoko kajio),




downtown art space, shimmeeshok include Guerrilla performance, Adelaide


Departure, Art Gallery of South Australia, cutting piece 2,  Adelaide


SALA Festival, moving image: cutting piece, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


Asian Traffic Conference, COFA, UNSW interplay, The College of Fine Arts,Sydney


Biennale parallel event, Sydney


Light Square Gallery, music box, performance and installation, AIT Adelaide


SALA Festival, moving image, snipclip, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


Open Space, The Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, settlement, Adelaide


SALA Festival, moving image, song of discord, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


Adelaide festival event: ELASTIC, music box, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Grainger Studio


A Centenary of Federation Celebration event: An Art Odyssey, shiver ,Adelaide 


SALA Festival, moving image, weaving Flight, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


Womadelaide, - WOZONE Cinema zone, a paper gathering, University of Adelaide


Adelaide Fringe festival 2002 Preview Event,improvisation moves, Minkie bar,Adelaide


SALA Festival, moving image, a paper gathering, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide


the cutting song, /Black n Out Cabaret-Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute


/Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, /Festival of Water, Port Adelaide





Lotus Design fashion label launch, the imploding party, Chloes Function Centre, Norwood,




Adelaide Symphony Orchestra,4 Chefs,4 Concerts Series, red steps,


The Masonic Hall North Terrace, Adelaide



Awards & Grants


ANAT Art and Technology Conference and Workshop Fund for “Interplay”



Selected Publications


Bridget Currie, ”video/performance nights at Downtown”, Artlink Magazine vol.26 no.4


SALA Festival TVC(15sec), by Andy Petrusevics, ABC TV, Channels 7, 9, and


10. , July22- August 10, 2003 


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